21 Oct 2012

Contagious Emotions

Yes, I am stressed, irritated and anxious
My day didn't turn out as I did plan
My head is hot, flushed with thought
Though I'm trying to be as calm as I can

Today I tried to be especially nice
I planned something keeping everyone in mind
But the others hijacked my plan from me
And it turned into an experience of a different kind

The one I set out to please and befriend
Is the one that's turning away like stone
I wish I had not tried to reach out at all
For then I would not be feeling so torn

I threw myself into today with gay abandon
With a most wonderful start in the morning
I had so much love to give and share
As I felt an amazing connection with everything

But one recipient of my love was a stony sink
And I failed to take heed of the resistance
I tried to push my warmth into that dark space
Only to watch my own enthusiasm melt

Emotion is contagious, I'm not that strong
I am vulnerable to catching on gloom
But let me sweep my heart clear of this pain
Using my own will as an emotional broom

Especially when there is a catch on gloom
For which I find no meaningful reason
When my feelings are influenced by feelings around
Or just by the prevalent weather and season

When these feelings impinge on me from outside
Let me graciously just allow them to flow
Let me not be a vessel holding them in
Let me be a witness as they come and go

Let me sense these varied emotions around
But not lose my connection to my radiant core
Let me expose myself to these stormy currents
But remember my way back to the shore

Let me stay connected to the starlight above
Let me stay grounded to the earth below
Let me be secure in a core of unchanging love
Even as the pain of the world I touch and know.

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