11 Oct 2012

Reclaiming my Identity of a Poetess

As I creep toward the middle of my life,
I'm sometimes feeling scattered
Pulled in several different directions
I begin to forget things that mattered

As I discover my latent talents
And grow into newer spaces
I find myself becoming ambitious
And taking part in newer chases

My schedule is full of meetings
My inbox is crowded with emails
My mind is crowded with dreams
Of wandering on wilderness trails

Its all good, this happening life
Its all fun, so much of movement
But I need an anchor amidst this chaos
That grounds me in my private moment

I need an identity that I can wear
And allow everything else to come and go
I need an identity that I can hold
When the world goes fast, but my heart wants slow

I thus reclaim my primary identity
To be and just Be a Poetess
Everything else can come and go
And pass through my life without stress

Jobs, roles and work opportunities
Accolades, applause, and honours
Relationships with family and friends
And experiences in all their colours

I am a poetess, I'll just be a poetess,
The world is welcome to dance around me
Every now and then, I might join the dance
But within my heart, a poetess I'll be.

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