23 Oct 2012

Come Life....

Come Life, surprise me, delight me today
I'm all yours, damp clay to mould
Shower your blessings in any form you desire
Embrace me and take me into your fold

Come Life, tickle me, when I become serious
I'm wearing a fragile pretentious mask
I'm a child inside, waiting to giggle
In the warmth of your open laughter to bask

Come Life, annoy me, be my trainer
Test me to discover my strengths inside
Throw me your challenges as you like
I'm enjoying the ups and downs of this ride

Come Life, arouse me with your freshness of dawn
Paint on me with your colours and grace
Dazzle me with your splendour and charm
Show me your mystically beautiful face

Come Life, embrace me, in your boundless love
Let me snuggle into your cozy nest
Allow me to melt into your grandeur
And lay my petty mind's wanderings to rest

Come Life, become me, in body and mind
Let me be a channel for your spirit to flow
Use my faculties to savour your creations
Use me as a medium for your radiance to show

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