27 Dec 2015

I'm Choosing Life

I’m choosing life, I’m choosing love
I’ll have heaven on earth, not just above

I’m choosing joy, I’m choosing it now
Not waiting for the day it will arrive somehow

I’m choosing freedom, I’m choosing peace
Just like the wind that blows through trees

I’m choosing to act, I’m choosing to create
In my world it is never ever too late

I'm choosing lightness, I'm choosing fun
In open spaces and nature, under the sun

I'm choosing water, I'm choosing to flow
To oceans and rivers, my heart and I go

I'm choosing adventure, I'm choosing thrill
Climbing many a mountain, and many a hill

I'm choosing words, I'm choosing expression
Over are the days of silent suppression

I'm choosing movement, I'm choosing dance
Saying yes to invitations, saying yes to chance

I’m choosing magic, I’m choosing me
As a spectrum of possibility that I truly be

I'm choosing life, I'm choosing love
I'll have heaven on earth, not just above

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