2 Dec 2015

I am a Bridge

I am a Bridge, connecting worlds
Use me if you want to cross over
I can be your friend, I can be your teacher
I can be your muse or lover

I am a Bridge, for I have touched
The darkest nights of depression
And I have learnt to stay connected to light
Even during abuse and oppression

I am a Bridge, for I have agonised
Over questions of ‘why’ and ‘why not’?
And I have learnt to embrace the unknown
And let it co-exist with knowledge and thought

I am a Bridge for I can love you
With love that knows no fear
I can reach out to embrace you where you are
Yet stay grounded in what I hold dear

I am a Bridge that stretches to connect
The earth with the stars above
I am a bridge between logic and fantasy
I am a bridge of love.

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