2 Apr 2016

The Alchemy of Play

Life felt somewhat like Drudgery
And me a hamster on a wheel
Just doing the same things over
Replaying the same old reel

Doing, doing, and doing more
Why am I doing it at all
And then I saw the children
Playing with their ball

They were also repeating
Their actions again and again
But nowhere did they lament
That their effort was going in vain

They seemed a bundle of joy
As they immersed themselves in play
Could I live my life like that
Perhaps I could try today?

Can I 'choose' my domain of play?
And organize my kitchen and home
Can I try and tame my wildness
That wants to wildly roam?

Perhaps a playmate would be fun
Even as work is transformed to play
To laugh and giggle and be silly
And shoo the worries away

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