8 Mar 2015

The Gift of Slammed Doors

It looked like they were slamming doors
Harshly on my face
It looked like they were throwing me out
And putting dogs on my chase

I ran, I left, I fled from them 
Scared and feeling let down
And then I saw a rainbow ahead
Revealing gates to a brand new town

I walked in gingerly through the gates
Not knowing what to expect
Could this be a place, I might be treated
With love and with respect

The earth beneath my feet felt good
The wind caressed my face
Smiles and songs welcomed me
Into this unknown place

I paused, I sat, I stood, I danced
I could be true to myself here
I rejoiced that I had found a place
Where I could live without fear

I thanked those who had slammed doors
And had forced me to flee
I accept their gift as nudges of love
That helped in setting me free

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