28 Mar 2015

Birthright Bliss

She was a little child of three
She knew exactly how to Be
Like the sun knows how to shine
And the bird knows to fly free

But there were adults around her
Who thought that they knew better
Just how much she should shine
Just how her eyes should flutter

With their towering adult presence
And pointing fingers of judgement
They injected her with advice
And policed her wherever she went

She felt their intent to guide her
And she so badly wanted their love
She shut down her internal compass
And her connection to angels above

She accepted the 'rightness' of the adults
And the 'wrongness' of her being
She coached herself to hear their voice
And to see what they were seeing

Quite lost and confused she roamed
Seeking approval that came and went
She worked hard to 'get it right'
As forward and backward she bent

But today she saw the sun shining
Shining true to it's inherent nature
Following its own cosmic rhythm
Not 'adjusting' for every creature

She saw the flowers blooming free
Whether people approved or not
The flowers will not change their hues
No matter how sternly they're taught

She muses on the sun and flowers
And feels an acceptance of who she is
Her internal compass wakes up again
Nudging her back to her birthright bliss

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