2 Mar 2015

Growth Pains

Teary eyed I looked to the sky
And shouted, 'I hate my existence'
'Why are these things happening to me'
'This just does not make sense'

Anger steamed out of every pore
I became a steaming kettle
My heart felt like a formidable place
Made of red hot molten metal

I felt a whisper in my ear
So I paused and I heard it say,
'These are your playground obstacles
And your life is only play'

'It was never meant to be all rosy
We did not design to please
We designed to challenge you instead
We designed to trigger and tease

And you designed it along with us
You put these obstacles here
You put in just the right challenges
To bring out that wonderful tear'

'Wonderful tear?' I stood there dazed
Did I really plan this for me
Have I designed all these struggles
To become the best that I can be?

I paused in thought, indeed it was
An interesting idea to behold
'Just the right level of challenge'
Is what the voice had told

So if my obstacles are getting larger
Then that could only imply
My capacity to face them has expanded as well
I have grown even though I cry

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