14 May 2018

Is Now the Time?

There was a time...
When I was an achiever
I strived for medals
For certificates
Stamps of approval
Ranks and Trophies

There was a time...
I was a seeker
I searched for answers
Meaning and purpose
To understand life
To understand myself

There was a time...
I was an activist
I protested for change
For rights and equality
I lobbied, I fought
I advocated

There was a time...
I pledged service
To my fellow men
To the poor
I donated, I tithed
I fundraised

There was a time...
I was a devotee
I embraced religion
I learnt rituals
I surrendered myself
To God and Gurus

But where was the time
I was being myself
Truly listening
To the pulse of the Cosmos
And actually dancing
In rhythm with my heart

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