21 Mar 2018

Being a Parent

Had a very interesting discussion yesterday in my sons school PTA. His school has a very interesting format for PTA where we start the day with a circle time for the parents and teachers (no children), and we have a dialogue on a topic that is sent out earlier as 'home study'. Yesterday's topic was 'conditioning of the mind'. During our circle time I mentioned something about wanting to be a 'platform for my child', and another parent reacted 'I don't know what you mean by being a platform'. I tried to explain but I don't think I could find words that conveyed it clearly. I mumbled some jumbled words and made a quirky face and threw my hands up in the air, and just said, 'well I guess I mean - be a platform'!

While I definitely need to work on my face-to -face communication skills, fortunately nature has aided me with an alternate means of communication - Poetry! What fun it is to write a poem - you can express what you want and whoever gets it gets it and whoever does not, does not - and nobody gets offended or battles with you for making your point! You see thats why they call it 'poetic license'! :-).

Being a Parent

What if I were just a platform
A base to help my child to grow
A reliable stage that supports him
Gently and quietly from below

What if I were just the space
For my child to learn and play
A space that welcomes all of him
Whatever his mood, every day

What if I didn't have to tell
What if I didn’t have to show
What if I didn't have to lead
To impose upon him, what I know

What if he has his knowing too

What if he has his dreams too

What if his life is HIS adventure

Can I let his journey be fresh and new?

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