8 Jan 2015

You Belong

You Belong, even if
You look a little different
Your place is here even though
You stayed, when the others went

You are worthy, no matter what
You did or did not do
You deserve, no matter how
Others might deal with you

You are special, in this moment
The past is over and done
You have a spark in you right now
Your own internal sun

You may have sinned, you may have hurt
And those will bear their fruit
Yet you are alive to sing right now
So pick up your magical flute

What flows to you might depend
On what happened in the past
Just let it come and let it go
This river is flowing fast

Why resist the mighty river itself
The river knows how to flow
It is bringing what it needs to bring
We reap just what we sow

This wondrous river is also our mother
She is the womb that holds us
No matter whether we kick or swim
No matter how much we fuss

The river of life is cradling you
She is fair and she loves you too
Your future is waiting to be coloured
By whatever you choose to do

You are free today, free right now
Though the river brings things to you
She leaves you to respond as you choose
And decide what you want to do

And you Belong, no matter what
You may or may not see
And you are held by life itself
However you choose to be

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