30 Jan 2015

I am the canvas

I came face to face with God
I could not believe my delight
Finally today would be the day
I could end my arduous fight

I pulled out my list of wishes
I pulled out my list of complaints
I handed them over to God
To His angels and His saints

God took my list from me
And lovingly went through it
And with an amazingly tender smile
Said, "You have misunderstood it"

You’ve got this game a little wrong
He said with a mischievous grin
It is not one of seeking treasure
And checking off how much you win

This is a game of creation
And we are all co-artists here
Just go ahead and paint your dreams
Which you have held so dear

I looked around for brushes
I looked for paints and pencils
I asked if I could get a canvas
I asked for tools and stencils

God smiled at me once again
With the radiance of the Sun
He said to me, "You are the canvas"
He said, "You are the One"

"You are the painter, you are the paint,
You are the pencil you need
You are the glitter, you are the glue
You are the paper and bead

You are the craftsman, you are the wood
You are the potter and clay
The field of consciousness in your head
Is your playground upon which to play

Go paint your dreams in that space
And craft your ideals there
Your body, your life, your own conduct
Is the art you have to share

I am with you, I am in you
We are strung together in love
We are creators all creating together
Some on earth and some above!"


I often fall into a way of thinking where I am looking outside, at people, situations, and events and complaining to myself that it is not the way I would like it to be. A very wise person pointed out to me today that the object might be to become one's ideals oneself rather than demand it of others. This approach also reminds me of what Gandhi said "Be the change you want to see". Here is my 2 am reflection on it (in verse)....:-). I hope it helps others also experiment with seeing their own life-spaces as the canvas that they can paint on - fearlessly and with joy! 

This poem is my offering to my wonderful teacher Swami Satyananda (whose words and loving advice inspired the poem and who also lovingly edited this poem for rhyme and meter corrections).  I love you Swamiji, and I am deeply grateful for your teachings and influence in my life. 

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