17 Apr 2013

I knew this was coming

A part of me knew this was coming
Of course it eventually had to
How could it be different this time
Even if the person involved was you

They always start on a wonderful high
And then an ugly face rises
I'd like to believe I'm getting immune
To these heart-wrenching surprises

What I cannot understand though
Is how come I don't stop trying
How do I innocently expect each time
That this time I wont end up crying

Is life really all about crying
Does everything beautiful end in tears
How long do I have to live to understand
How many more tear-stricken years

I don't even feel like blaming you
How many people can I go on blaming
You guys have figured out a way to survive
It is me who has'nt learnt this gaming

It is me who is trapped in self defeating patterns
Me who gets caught in fancy illusions
Me who weaves these dreams of hope
And so me who is the victim of my delusions

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