18 Apr 2013

A prayer

I pray that my tears not be in vain
I pray that some good comes from this pain
I pray that I heal my wounds inside
I pray that this healing spreads outside
To touch and transmute all of life

I pray that I see this current ordeal
Not as a problem, but as a chance to heal
I pray that while I experience agony
The learning from my experience is shared with many
So we all grow together through this

I pray because this all I have left to do
This wonderful trick, I wish I earlier knew
I pray that this peace I feel as I pray
Does not stay confined to just me today
But engulfs every creature that exists

I pray that this healing not end right here
I pray that I transcend my every fear
I pray that as I am shown the way
And the universe invites me once more to play
We all embrace this game together!

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