10 Nov 1998


I had a dream yesterday that the world was green,
Shining green in the morning sunlight
And as I walked it turned to blue
A wide expanse of ever stretching blue
I looked down to find a deeper blue,
Delicately laced with white frothy ripples,
Wavelike frills forever in motion,
As the spray burst upwards every now and then
To make you smile when it wet your face.

Now you walked on into the orange,
Orange and golden painted dusk,
You were a black and tiny shadow of yourself,
Against the blood-red sphere of sinking fire.

You watched it set, I watched you stand
And then together we walked into darkness
An eerie darkness embedded with jewels,
That shone as if to enlighten our paths.

I stood there gazing wonderstruck,
But never a word I uttered
For fear of speaking my own heart out,
For fear of breaking the mysterious silence,
The silence of the stories in my dreams.

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