11 Sep 1998

Joyous Indulgence

Its feelings that make this world go around
Have you had this feeling that makes you dizzy?
Drives your thoughts to the skies
And makes you smile over and over?

Cant think straight, cant single out,
A reason for this splurge of happiness
Have you felt this pure unconditional joy
That comes from within and the air around?

This desire to fly, to spread ones wings,
This stretching out of arms and closing of eyes
That raises you above the clouds
To make you fly with feet on the ground.

The caress of music, the voice of crickets,
Every little whisper sounding seductive
With your blood dancing in your veins
And pulsating nerves that beat in rhythm

To be able to feel, to roll in Joy
To breathe in slowly, smile after smile,
Rest undisturbed in your private feeling
Experience without having to explain

Have you felt that, just to sit thus
In peace and harmony and unexplainable bliss
Is the greatest form of art, the best sport
The gift of awareness, the blessing of Life. 

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