12 Jun 2016

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad

Too long have I lived with moral delusions
Of ‘absolute right’ and ‘absolute wrong’
Fixated with getting my life ‘just right’
I forgot I was here to sing my song

I forgot my lyrics, I forgot my tune
I forgot I was here to dance and play
Now without the frames of ‘good’ and ‘bad’
I am free to create my life today

Right and Wrong, Good and Bad
These were the pillars of my cage
And I tried my best to understand them
Searching through scriptures page by page

Had I just looked to nature instead
My delusional cage would have fallen away
For nature and life have no judgement
Night is just night, and day is just day

The volcano is neither good nor bad
The tornado is neither right nor wrong
And the vulture who feeds on her prey
Is simply just living her song

Sure there are consequences to each choice
And we can think before we take that leap
We can choose what seeds we wish to sow
Based on the designs we wish to reap

The seeds are neither good nor bad
They just are seeds of different kinds
We sow them in our fields and gardens
We sow them in our hearts and minds

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