11 Aug 2014


My friends, you are wonderful
And I like being with you
I enjoy the conversations we have
And I cherish the activities we do

I like them because I come alive
When we spend time together
I am amazed how the stuff we do
Feeds into my inner weather

Sometimes you trigger love in me
And I can witness my heart bloom
Sometimes you trigger pain in me
And I experience loss and gloom

My parents, you are amazing
In how you continuously give
You demonstrate life's lessons to me
Through how you choose to live

I feel indebted to both of you
In several different ways
I feel your love edge me on
Through the stormiest of days

You keep me anchored in this world
When I tend to lose it all
You hold my hand gingerly
And lift me when I fall

My husband, you are the presence
That occupies my home and heart
Bringing colours of different shades
Into my life's unfolding art

You live so very close to me
And share every space of mine
That our emotions cross back and forth
An increasingly blurring line

You are the one who challenges me
To reach for peace and grace
You are the one who walks with me
Through the tribulations we face

My son, you are adorable
You are a blessing in my life
For you alone I don these labels
Of being a mother and wife

I fulfil these roles, however tasking
Because they come with you
It is through them I earn my right
To be involved with all you do

I hold you tenderly in my arms
Because you are a gift of love
A bouncy parcel of joy and bliss
From our miraculous creator above

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