23 Feb 2013

On Dissapointments

The joys and delights of my earthly life
Are enticing but packed with dissapointments
Unfulfilled expectations, shattered dreams
Broken promises and missed appointments

Disappointments and let-downs seem quite the norm
When dealing with other human beings
But there is no disappointment when I look to You
Oh source of love and all good feelings

You are the eternal, You are everlasting
Everyone else comes and goes
You are the one who can fill me up
Unconditionally from head to toes

You are the one who wont let me down
Others I can never know for sure
Who in human form can I trust
Whose promises and words are absolutely pure?

You are the ultimate companion dear God
You have never turned me away so far
You are never too busy when I call
You are always there! Indeed you are!

May my life's journey be anchored in You
May my hearts longings be directed to You
To You alone may I always turn
In whatever I think and whatever I do

17 Feb 2013


I think I know who God might be
She visits sometimes in my dreams
I've felt her presence on mountain tops
In open spaces and flowing streams

They say she also resides within
The very hearts of you and me
But this aspect of God in humans
I am still trying to sense and see

12 Feb 2013


As much as I love you I hate you too
I feel bonded in my own need for you

I seek your attention night and day
I keep on anticipating what you might say

I love you because you stir me to live
And you really make me want to give

I hate you because you don't want to accept
All I want to give in love and respect

I am choking in my own need to share
I am drowning in my own desire to care

Where do I take this overflowing love
That is incessantly seeking expression now

You are the one that aroused this in me
And you have the key to set me free

How can I get it back from you
So we can both be free in whatever we do

10 Feb 2013

Watching It Die

That which has been much dear to me
Seems to be fading somehow
Dissolving and disappearing before my eyes
Whether or not I seem to allow

It hurts my heart to thus percieve
Something so precious melting away
But no matter how much I try and grasp
It does not appear that it will stay

Can I find some grace inside of me
To watch it perish as it does
To allow whats dying to naturally go
Without creating much stress and fuss

When I turn my attention inward I find
Something incessantly alive and bright
A wonderful vibrant stream of life
That is flowing in its natural right

This stream is flowing very strong
This stream is gushing forth with life
This stream does not seem inclined to stop
Because my heart is caught in strife

In this stream I find my strength
From this stream I draw my grace
No matter what dies in the world outside
This stream keeps my inner life in place

Whats dying outside can continue to die
Whats alive in me chooses to live
And to this gallant stream of life
Unconditional support I continue to give

8 Feb 2013

Passing Time

Sometimes I feel I'm just passing time
And filling up moments one by one
Just passing time as some would say
Until each day is somehow done

Sometimes I'm doing things because
Doing is what engages my mind
If I stop doing and enquire within
Psychic entropy is all I find

Even my meditations feel like a doing
A mental doing of wilful focus
For the landscape of my mind is a chaotic place
Where I need to mark my coordinates and locus

Can I just stay and rest somewhere
Where I can be free from time and thought
Where the present is not an obstacle to cross
To reach a future that is longingly sought

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