10 Feb 2013

Watching It Die

That which has been much dear to me
Seems to be fading somehow
Dissolving and disappearing before my eyes
Whether or not I seem to allow

It hurts my heart to thus percieve
Something so precious melting away
But no matter how much I try and grasp
It does not appear that it will stay

Can I find some grace inside of me
To watch it perish as it does
To allow whats dying to naturally go
Without creating much stress and fuss

When I turn my attention inward I find
Something incessantly alive and bright
A wonderful vibrant stream of life
That is flowing in its natural right

This stream is flowing very strong
This stream is gushing forth with life
This stream does not seem inclined to stop
Because my heart is caught in strife

In this stream I find my strength
From this stream I draw my grace
No matter what dies in the world outside
This stream keeps my inner life in place

Whats dying outside can continue to die
Whats alive in me chooses to live
And to this gallant stream of life
Unconditional support I continue to give

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