25 Jun 2012

God and Gaia

Suspended between God and Gaia
How much could I possibly stray?
My heart connected to God and Gaia
I'm most naturally inclined to pray

What is my prayer, How do I pray?
It is whatever I do when I'm awake
Every thought and feeling that I emit
Every conscious intention I make

When I'm awake and aware of my connection
I am a prayer of purest essence
How could I possibly be something else
When I'm connected with God's presence

Whatever I think, whatever I feel,
Whatever I do or say
Is my prayer to my dearest creator
In whose lap I continue to play

Who is Gaia? What is she to me?
Why do I heed her call?
Because she is one of God's primal creations
Who lovingly sustains us all

She is an essence of Gods own energy
Which focussed onto planet earth
She is now both creation and creator here
Constructing, destroying, and giving new birth

When I connect with God, I find my essence
I find a space of contented being
When I connect with Gaia, I find my life
I tap into passion of creative becoming

I love them both, this being and becoming
I am them both, contentment and creation
I feel wonderful being lovingly held
By God and Gaia, as a unique contribution

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