1 Dec 2006

What burdens you?

What is it that stoops your shoulders?
What is it that weighs you down?
What torturous thoughts do those eyes hide?
But are given away by lines of frown.
What has possessed you? What has consumed you?
What possibly can burden a man so much
What has robbed you of your smile of youth?
What has enstraged you from your young wife's touch.
What needs a man who walks on earth
What needs a man of human birth
What could a man possibly require
That makes him so toil and ceaselessly tire.
What makes him skip his meals of today
To work to buy food twenty years hence
What use is food when you do not eat?
Because work makes you so constantly tense.
What makes him blind to his homely charms
While he saves to buy houses for tomorrow
What use is the bed not slept upon
And stress that permeates the house with sorrow
What makes him endure a restless sleep
As he labours to meet his job's demand
Pile money to sleep restfully in future
And surrender tonight to the bosses command
What needs a man who walks on earth
What needs a man of human birth
Food to eat? A place to live in?
Restful sleep? Loving Kith and Kin?
What makes him neglect the ones he loves
The very people he calls his own
A mistaken belief in infinite elasticity
That makes him think they wont be torn
What is it that stoops your shoulders
What takes away your youth from you?
What burden of earth need you to shoulder?
That takes the moments truth away from you?

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