9 Mar 2006

The Homeless Man

You stand there in that same corner
The magazines in your hand,
It may be drizzling, it may be sunny
But I know exactly where you’ll stand.

In a neighbourhood full of strangers
Yours is the most familiar face,
In your eyes alone I sometimes find
The glitter of being outside the race.

Amidst the crowd scurrying along
One man stands in one place always,
You stand aloof from the rush of time
You are the stillness in my moving maze.

You are the symbol of things beyond
That which I want to believe is true,
You are the example to prove me wrong
To make me question what I thought I knew.

You prove with your life, a way of living
That does without almost all I run after
And yet you seem to exude somehow
The things most precious, love and laughter!

If God were to come and stand awhile
On this our busy running street,
Would He be you who looks at us?
While we run past blind with scurrying feet?

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