3 Dec 2000

My Whirlwind

You came like a whirlwind once again
And swept me off my feet
It was some time since I had last cried
Some time since I had felt lonely
Sometime since I had felt so weak
And vulnerably soft inside

I had come to terms with my existence
Got used to my solitary expeditions
Had built up strength and self reliance
Had learnt to take care of myself

Had accepted the fact that I was me
Had started facing the world alone
Had nurtured the memory of you in me
And shaped my thoughts in tune

And then suddenly you came again
And brought back the forgotten sweetness
You brought back yearnings, brought back hopes
And when you went you left them with me

Now in agony I burn and writhe
Once again I'm dazed and helpless
Oh give me the strength to build up my life
Into a placid coolness again

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