16 Feb 1999

At Crossroads with Fate

My fate, one road leads me one way
Your fate, your road leads you your way
I don't know if these roads will cross
I don't know if these roads should cross

And if by chance they do cross
Whether we collide in disaster or unite in fusion
I know not what should ideally happen
But trust that our fates know their roads
And the roads are laid out, planned before

For now my road is stony and rocky
With every rock reflecting your face on it
And my hopes rising at every turn I take
To find an empty stretch ahead again

Several others cross and go,
But none can fill the void you created
My road is rocky and every stone hurts
Reminding me of you, stirring my passions
Tenderly killing with loving memories
A joyous torture, ecstatic in itself

You make me cry, you make me writhe
You drive me to desperation, you scorch my palms,
Yet you give me a hope, a dream to dream
And thoughts and fantasies to get me through my day

The road is rocky, but I gladly tread it
The mystery making it even more thrilling
And I can always hope we'll cross our paths
For it is not guaranteed that we don't unite
Neither can we be assured we stay apart
Our fates unknown to one and all
The only knowledge that it know its course

I'll live as long as I can hope
And hence forever I'll walk my road
The rocks are hurting but triggering me on
And I breathe in your smile with every step I take

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