5 Sep 1996

Memories and Hopes

Distant Memories haunt my mind,
Distant Hopes haunt my soul,
I look into my faded past,
And see the railway tracks.
I have come a long way now,
Through rugged terrains and dusty climes,
Crossed dirty roads and uphill climbs,
But not without those flowery beds,
That are every child’s precious right
Not without the fame and glory,
That accompanies every successful act.

I have had my share of love and care,
And played countless games through the day,
Slogged when it was time to sweat,
And slept for countless hours at stretch.

Now I am on these barren plains
Where I can see the future stretch ahead
Far away the blue mountains rise
And I am headed for there
Beyond those hills I see the sky,
And embedded in them shining stars
Precious Gems; not within my reach
But there forever to heal and please
They are not mine, can never be mine
But I rest assured for I do know
That none can take them away from me.

I feel the world has come around
To what it was when I breathed first
My life again an empty platter
With things gone, gone forever
Here again I set forth anew
To see, to learn, love and smile,
To know, to appreciate, to understand,
And the rest to trustingly believe.

The sun will rise yet again
Like it did yesterday and the day before
It will keep rising everyday
And this winding path of life goes on,
Goes on forever into eternity,
Knowing my stay is but a fraction,
I walk on towards the same eternity.
I walk on forever by your side
Hold my hand and guide me thru
When fears and doubts cloud my vision
I’ll trust in you and follow faithfully
Till I can see the light again.

I’ll pull you on if ever you feel
The climb is far too steep for us
I’ll wait with you when you seek to rest,
For every step we take shall be together.
My life again is an empty page
And it has on it but your name now,
With you I’ll write our experiences together
And fate will inscribe its scribbles here
And it will be full once again
Never to be erased by fate or hand
For it will be our scripture to treasure
All my memories have left my mind
And distant hopes haunt my soul.

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