26 Jun 1994

Sweet Sixteen

Its just the age, I suppose, that makes you seem so good
And that again which calls attention, more than it actually should

Just the age that turns your voice into music in my ears
Gives you the warrant to arrest both my laughter and tears

Is it the age in you, I mean the youth, that draws the youth in me
Or is it the age age of the world, that talks of love, say ‘romantic century’

Be it what it be, the age’s to blame, for this magnet that’s with you
Sometimes I feel I’m an iron statue, I wish I really knew

The age’s to blame for all the charm that night and day you keep
It does not let me work or play, it does not let me sleep

I know it is this very age, that causes hopes to rise,
I win in dreams, but in reality, just wait for a sweet surprise.

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