15 Jul 1993

Him and Me

I don’t doubt him, not one small bit
My darkest moments who has brightened and lit
Although it might have been different before
When things were such that I was’nt sure

Now I know and I declare without fear
That I love him and he is ever so dear
I’d do anything for the sake of love
That makes life better than heaven above

His sweetest smiles, his brightened eyes
His insistence on wearing collars and ties
Everything gives me joy so much
When my heart his words do ever touch

Just look at him I could forever
Sink into his eyes to exit never
Listen to his voice for eternity
Could be joy extending to infinity

With a thoughtful word and a tender look
My placid life he has so shook
With food for thought and dream for night
Without him life would indeed be a plight

I was so selfish, so self centered
But now I think of nothing but he
My every thought and deed is dedicated
To just him who controls me

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