25 Feb 1993


Day after day it just happens
I keep getting closer to you
The closeness however I have in heart
Wish ‘twere the same in body too

Life and fate, so kind and sweet
Keeps us together so long
But don’t know how to fight this guilt
And make believe it’s not wrong

Together in heart, together in thoughts
Raises hopes of something more
It is pure and holy love, it is!
A hybrid of need and adore

It gives me satisfaction of a kind
I've never felt before
But unsatisfaction too does creep in
When closeness I do seek more

It is not you who keep away
Willing you’d ever be
But me myself, I bind myself
Which else should have wrought free

Some day perhaps I will break out

Of my self bound bounds of guilt

Or rather wait patiently for license

On wisdom and experience built

Play safe and sure of every step

Is always what they advice

But wild and daring different steps

May also be blissfully nice.

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