20 Apr 2023

Dear Dawn

I have had a pendulum equation with getting up early - I love the mornings, and yet would sleep in late and blah blah blah......all kinds of stories. This morning I woke up to meet dawn - and.....

Dear Dawn,

You greet me in your splendor
Your irresistible charm
Drenched in seductive beauty
I know you mean no harm

Yet, I am scared of you
The freshness in your air
The pureness of your spirit
That makes me feel so bare

Your scent of fragrant blossoms
Your painted colourful sky
You intoxicate my senses
And bring me tears of joy

Such joy, I cannot hold
Alone in my tiny heart
Inspiration I cannot stop
From flowing into art

I fear the spaces you take me
You enchanted container of love
Mesmerized I now gaze
At the eagles soaring above

My mind is now invaded
By your sprightly chirping birds
I fear I am now compelled
To sing out loud in words

You just light up my spirit
And set it ablaze with aliveness
I fear my own power
I fear its potent rawness

You dawn, you enchantress
Dew drop adorned temptress
I’ll drop my fears and come
To meet you in your oneness

- Ramya Ranganathan 

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