27 Nov 2014

A Saga of Infinite Lifetimes

We have been lovers before
Indeed we have all
Though specific interactions
We may not be able to recall

We have been friends before
Indeed we have played
In gardens and in backyards
On tyre swings we swayed

We have been siblings before
Indeed we have giggled
As we hid under blankets
And our little toes we wiggled

We have been travellers before
Indeed we have walked
Sharing food and stories
We have laughed and talked

We have known each other before
Indeed we have seen
Into these eyes, Into these hearts
Co-explorers we have been

1 Nov 2014

How Faith Can Banish Darkness

I want to be bad, be cruel, be vindictive
I want to draw out my sword and fight
I want to shout aloud and call out names
I want to crush others with my might

Yes I have these vices and more
Yes I have many devils in me
Devils that only I can hear
Devils that only I can see

I want to be manipulative and be mean
I want to force others to follow my will
I want to pull people by their hair
I want to be violent, I want to kill

Yes I have these thoughts and more
Yes I have such emotions in me
Emotions that only I can hear
Emotions that only I can see

In acknowledging these emotions I let myself be
In voicing these emotions I let me be seen
In accepting these emotions I accept every person
Who at some point, in such places has been

In witnessing these emotions I let myself recognize
The spectrum of creation to which I belong
In allowing these emotions I let myself know
The faith I have had in existence all along

The faith that I will be guided always
That I will remember to reach inside
The faith that these dark emotions will pass
And the devils will eventually step aside

The faith that I am okay no matter what
The faith that I too have a core of love
The faith that when I ask for support
It comes down cascading from heaven above

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