29 Jul 2014

With No Tomorrow on the Horizon

If all of life were to freeze
And creation come to standstill
If I were offered one last wish
What is it that I would will?

I would not ask for redemption
I would not ask for freedom
I would not ask to be healed
Or lifted out of boredom

I would not ask for mercy
I would not ask for peace
I would not ask for forgiveness
Or physical and emotional ease

I would ask for wisdom
To understand all that has been
To bid farewell with an understanding
Of all the madness I've seen

Giddy Delights

I have seen this passion rise
And I have seen this passion fade
I have seen it's ebb and flow
I have seen it come and go

I have felt its heady charms
And I have felt it's giddiness
But I have also felt it's transience
And it's effects on my conscience

I have known this tug-of-war
Between the current and future self
And I have known how something sweet
Can turn to bitterness under my feet

Would I then again succumb
To the giddy delights of this beast
When I have seen and I have known
That it can leave me wounded and torn

26 Jul 2014

And so I write.....

I have this compelling need to write
In writing I find my solace
Through writing I find a way to connect
To a still and observant space

The world outside is dancing madly
And thoughts within are prancing wildly
But as I write these thoughts begin
To make some sense to me

The chaos in my mind subdues a bit
And some of it is channeled
Into the comfortable structure of words
My boundless thoughts are funnelled

In the silent spaces between the words
Life's mysteries still exist
And within the chasms of my mind
Life's questions still persist

But my mind has found calmness again
The storm has come and gone
And through the writing of these words
New insights have been born

13 Jul 2014

I Know How it Must Feel

I know how it must feel
To want something so dearly
To long for that one experience
To dream about it so clearly

I know how it must feel
To then stop those dreams midway
To cut your fantasies in half
And throw the pieces away

I know how it must feel
To try and persuade the heart
To tell it to give up what it wants
And yet not fall apart

I know how it must feel
For I have felt the same
None of us is exempt
From this heart-wrenching game

9 Jul 2014

The Memory Trap

A part of me knows it is over
A part of me calls it the past
But a part of me is caught up with
Trying to make those memories last

A part of me has found some peace
A part of me has moved on ahead
But a part of me keeps bringing back
Memories of what was done or said

A part of me knows better now
A part of me accepts what is
But a part of me continues to want
To recreate elements of what I miss

A part of me is walking ahead
A part of me is looking behind
A part of me is tied up tight
In memories and stories of my mind

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