25 Feb 2014

A Point of Perspective

A point of perspective in an ocean of energies
A position in space from where I make sense
From here I see, I touch, I feel,
And call it my own experience

If I shift my perspective, my experience shifts
My position determines what I see
But I hold my position tight and strong
In the belief that the position itself is me

Indeed I am defined by my position
But can I refuse to be bound by one
Can I choose to swim amidst the energies
Shedding the need to be ‘someone’

Streams of energies are flowing around
They do not belong to me anyway
I am only a point of perspective
Making sense of them in a particular way

7 Feb 2014

River of Desire

Sometimes fast, sometimes slow
You’re always flowing ahead aren't you?
You compel me to act and move
All kind of things you make me do

Sometimes you easily carry me along
Within the momentum of your flow
Caught in the rapture of your swirls
I abandon my cares and just let go

Sometimes you cruise within my veins
Pulsing and throbbing inside of me
Energizing and fueling my body and mind
To expand into the visions I see

But sometimes you engulf my very being
And overpower me with your turbulence
I drown and sink and get terribly lost
I lose direction, I lose my sense

3 Feb 2014

Open Doors

I am not closing anything at all
I don’t believe in shutting any door
The windows of my heart are always open
To allow in more and more and more

I am not deciding when is enough
I am not hastening to call it a day
As long as life is playing along
I am also ready and eager to play

I am not afraid of hurt or pain
I am not pre-judging what lies ahead
I am willing to risk a fall or scar
I am willing to allow some tears to shed

I am willing to embrace with open heart
Possibilities that stretch ahead of me
I am dropping the conditions I demand of life
In an attempt to set my own self free


I had to take a very difficult call today on whether to close something I had left open or remain open to possibility. Continuing to remain open to possibility would make me vulnerable to possible disappointment and hurt. I thought about it for a while and decided that while closing the issue would bring certainty (and therefore make me feel safe) the very idea of closing doors felt alien to my natural impulse. So the above poem is my resolution (in verse)....

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