13 May 2021


Come on now! I told Competition

You can't just show up here

This is a space I hold very sacred

A space that is extremely dear

“Exactly why I came” - she said

For what fun is it otherwise

The more the space is dear to you

The more important will be the prize

Prize? I gasped, I don't want one

Please just let me be alone

Just go away, don't tempt me here

With the glitter of a throne

“You know you could be the queen”

She softly whispered to me

“The winner, the star, number one

A hero for all to see”

I looked at her, I looked at me

I looked at the path we had tread

She had not just followed me here

In captivity she had been led

I had created her, I could free her

But who would I be without her

Who would I be without a proof

That I was better than another

Would I dare to set her free today

And walk ahead on my own

Knowing there would be no reference

In the ways that I could be known

I realized then that she was pregnant

Her baby was the ‘need to be seen’

So I set them free both together

And I freed me from who I had been

I swirled and twisted once again

To become the invisible magic I be

I dropped my need to show or prove

And just basked in being Me

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