4 Dec 2012

The Right Life ?

Who am I to construe these labels
Of what is right and what is wrong
Who am I to judge the interludes
Of this ongoing, infinite and everlasting song

I see this art from one mere angle
And limited tools of observation
With such few data points, can I really perceive
The breadth and depth of creation

I walked in much after this show had started
Ignorant of what happened before
I dabble on living with borrowed assumptions
Clueless of what the future holds in store

One drop in the ocean, one leaf in a forest
One note in a symphony that never ends
My mind can never understand well enough
But I can perceive the signals my heart sends

In my heart then I find a confident navigator
Can I trust her without feelings of doubt
For my heart feels connected to all of life
And she gives cues on what living can be about.

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